We would like extend an invitation to Directors interested in directing a production for the Tybee Arts Association in the Jim Ingham "Black Box" Theatre.

Any Director who wishes to direct a play for The Tybee Arts Association, must first submit a Show Proposal Form to the TAA Board of Directors before they will consider producing the play. To submit a proposal, the Director must print out this “Show Proposal Form” and fill in and complete the entire form with all the detailed information regarding the proposed show. The Director must then submit the completed form by contacting one of the TAPS Steering Committee members (listed below) to arrange a meeting. The Director and the Steering Committee will to go over the show proposal to determine if the show proposed is a viable project for TAA given our limited capacity, space and budget constraints. The Steering Committee will go over the show proposal form with the proposed Director offering them any additional information or suggestions that may help before submitting it to the board for approval. The steering committee will also give the Director a copy of the TAA Director’s guidelines and go over the detailed responsibilities required of anyone wishing to Direct a show for the The Tybee Arts Association. The Steering Committee is comprised of TAA Actors and Directors who have had experience putting a shows on at the Tybee Arts Association. The Steering committee will be invaluable in offering experienced information, suggestions and recommendations to help the Director not only with their proposal prior to submitting it to the board for approval, but will also offer valuable information regarding on all facets of the production to help secure a successful TAPS production.

Financial disclosure:  Let it be understood that upon approval of the Show Proposal by the board of Directors, TAA agrees to finance the cost of the show. Therefore it is important that the proposed director understand the limited capacity allowed in the black box theatre per show (occupancy 50 max) and thereby the limited possibility of income that can be derived from any show and thereby the risk involved. The director is responsible for setting a reasonable yet limited budget for the total cost of the show (suggested costs are indicated per item on the proposal to keep) and is expected to remain within the proposed budget at all times. The director must be aware of all costs at all times and is responsible for making sure that all expenditures remain within the proposed budget. If at any time the Director finds that the expenses for the show are going to exceed the estimated figures in the proposal, they must immediately inform the board of directors that additional expenses above the original proposal are required and officially request permission from the Board for the additional funds needed. The Board will vote to approve or not.

To arrange a meeting with the TAPS Steering Committee and obtain the necessary forms, please contact one of the following Committee members:

Renee’ DeRossett        (912) 596 - 4992

Carol Ingham            (912) 786 - 6652

Kim Trammell            (912) 228 - 0357